Latest version of the software platform CHRONOS for PAL samplers

Now featuring simple PDF generation from the method - and more optimizations

by Irmgard Reichstein, 01/30/17


Our programmers constantly develop CHRONOS further for you! A smooth automation based on PAL samplers set in various system surroundings - a broad and challenging field of development. Just recently, an update is released - CHRONOS 4.7. Thereby, optimization of timing, reporting, interfaces to external software and further access options simplify your work.

New in CHRONOS 4.7:


  • Optimized time sequence, especially in combination with the barcode reader
  • Integration of Clarity 7.2 and update for the Analyst software
  • Improvement of CSV import options, e.g. for LIMS integration
  • Simple PDF generation from the method
  • Optimization of access to xlsx files - in reading and editing mode
  • Improved integration of external software
  • Improved keyboard control within the sample list
  • Extended printing options and improved printout of sample lists

The transfer of existing methods is simple and safe.
Update today!

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Automation of FAME analysis ...


... shown in 4 minutes!

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