Company holidays 10/09/17
Maintenance work on October 30, 2017
Maintenance work on October 30, 2017
Automation of FAME analysis 08/12/17
Shown in the FAME Workstation Video by Axel Semrau
A new video shows how to automate sample preparation and analysis for fatty acid methyl esters in oils and fats
New reaction condition for epoxidation for MOSH/MOAH 06/23/17
Faster and easier by automation!
New publication and automation by Axel Semrau simplify MOSH/MOAH analytics!
New video: MCPD Workstation by Axel Semrau 06/19/17
Many methods automated!
Axel Semrau shows fast and easy analytics of MCPD and glycidol
Latest version of the software platform CHRONOS for PAL samplers 01/30/17
Now featuring simple PDF generation from the method - and more optimizations
New Features: Optimization of timing, reporting, interfaces to external software and further access options

New Video

Automation of FAME analysis ...


... shown in 4 minutes!

Link to FAME Video