Automation Solutions

Automation can be realized as an online Front-End solution or as a stand alone sample preparation. PAL Samplers from CTC Analytics are a flexible and powerful basis for both ways of automation.

Multidimensional Robots

New: CHRONECT Bionic

CHRONECT Bionic is a multidimensionally working robot with six joints, which can move independently from each other. The robot is the missing link between users and conventional sample preparation.

New: CHRONECT Quantos

Due to CHRONECT Bionic and an intelligent software solution, this unique development integrates accurate powder dosing to the workflow of automated sample preparation. 2018, it was awarded the Application Award in the category laboratory technology on the analytica.

Chromatography Workstations

New: CHRONECT Workstation FAMEs

Automated analytics of fatty acid methyl esters from oils and fats

New: CHRONECT Workstation MCPD

Automated analytics of MCPD and glycidyl esters

New: CHRONECT Workstation Glyphosate

Workstation for efficient determination of glyphosate in foodstuff

Front-End Solutions

New: CHRONECT Multiplexing

CHRONECT Multiplexing for a high capacity utilization of LC-MS devices

New: SICRIT® Ion Source by Plasmion

A new ion source for LC-MS systems

Automation of Sample Preparation

CHRONECT Workstation Proteomics

Automated sample preparation in proteomics laboratories for optimization of throughput and minimization of handling mistakes

New Video

Automation of MCPD analysis ...

... shown in 4 minutes!

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New Video

Automation of FAME analysis ...


... shown in 4 minutes!

Link to FAME Video

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