New: ODOR easy

Stationary measuring instrument for the automated on-site control of the odorant concentration

Axel Semrau® represents continuity and innovation in odorant analysis. The ODOR easy is the consequent extension of this philosophy.

Axel Semrau® pushes the development especially towards an energy-efficient control of the device. Therefore, the ODOR easy has neither a display nor a keyboard. In order to set the device it is connected to a tablet, smartphone or laptop through USB-port. An operation is possible with a power supply (115/230 V) as well as through solar panels.

The ODOR easy can be adjusted for either THT or mercaptane concentration in natural gas depending on the particular application. A simple and robust performance offers an inexpensive and continuous control of the odorant at remote sites. With ODOR easy concentration dependent control and monitoring of odorization systems is no expensive luxury anymore. An advantage is the considerable potential saving concerning odorant consumption.

Another application is the monitoring of pre-odorized gas which is then delivered to utility companies without appropriate odorization systems. The ODOR easy ensures a reliable control of odorization according to the contract upon agreed.

Save, fast and simple measurement of THT or mercaptanes

Sturdy plastic case, selective sensors, low power consumption, automated calibration - the new ODOR easy stands out with advanced technique and simple handling. The measurement gas is led through a permanent connection to the ODOR easy and further to the blowout. A diffuse leakage of the measurement gas is prevented. The pre-defined gas flow is 10 - 30 L/h. There is no gas flow if there is no measurement. According to the odorant, the concentration is determined after a few minutes only. The result is provided through a 4 - 20 mA interface.


Clear functions

The new ODOR easy provides the following features:

  • Measuring function for THT or mercaptanes - with different electrochemical sensors
  • Automated calibration function: The calibration is performed through a calibration gas bottle in preset intervals
  • Data Output: 4 - 20 mA Interface
  • Parameter input through USB port
  • Automatic zero point setting
  • Closed sensor module: The measurement gas is transmitted through an exhaust pipe to the blow pump
  • Internal date/time



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