ODOR handy plus

Simple hand-held measuring instrument for the fast and easy measurement of THT or mercaptans

Axel Semrau® represents continuity and innovation in odorant analysis.
The ODOR handy plus is based on 35 years of experience with hand-held measuring instruments for odorant control in natural gas. It is equipped with an electrochemical sensor alternatively for the measurement of the concentration of THT or of mercaptan in natural gas and combines proven sensor technology with state of the art device control.

Safe, fast and simple measurement of THT or mercaptans!

Sturdy metal housing, selective sensors, clear menu guidance with function keys, data memory, battery charging station, ATEX approval - the new ODOR handy plus captivates with state of the art technology and simple handling. The measuring gas is fed directly via a flexible hose to the ODOR handy plus. Depending on the odorant, the concentration of the odorant is displayed after just 1 - 2 minutes. The result can be read off directly in mg/m³. Other units of measurement can be set in the software. The measured data are stored with details of the measuring point, date and time as well as a note for odor perception and can be retrieved at any time. Apart from the measuring function, the ODOR handy plus can perform continuous monitoring of the indoor air, e.g. while working on odorizing systems. Information such as memory capacity, serial number, date or time can be retrieved via the device software. Distinct and clear menu guidance ensures, for example, that equilibration times of the sensor are adhered to.

Clear functions

The new ODOR handy plus offers the following functions:

  • Measuring function for THT or mercaptans - with different electrochemical sensors
  • Simple calibration function. The calibrations are stored and the current ones are displayed before each measurement. The detector sensitivity is checked at each calibration
  • Continuous indoor monitoring function for odorant with free entry of the maximum concentration as the limit for the visual and acoustic alarm
  • Visual and acoustic alarm if limit values are exceeded
  • Automatic adherence to the necessary equilibration times for the sensor
  • Simple electronic zero point setting
  • Clear four-line display, device software with modern menu guidance, simple function keys and clear user guidance
  • Data memory for 254 measuring points with automatic storage of measured value, measuring point, date, time and warning odor yes/no
  • USB interface on the charging station for fast, simple and safe data transmission to the PC
  • Battery charge indicator

NEW: Our Video with instructions for use!

ODOR handy plus case with accessories

ODOR handy plus

Clear menu guidance increases safety and facilitates handling