MSChromSearch 4.0

MSChromSearch is able to compare various GC/MS chromatograms within a few seconds and determines similarities with regard to the samples - a perfect solution for qualitative GC/MS comparisons.

Users are commonly faced with comparing numerous chromatograms from GC/MS systems or analog detectors. Currently, this is typically done visually and is therefore considered rather subjective. In addition, it is almost impossible to deal with larger numbers of complex chromatograms based on visual comparison. MSChromSearch can save a tremendous amount of time (just think how long a visual comparison of several hundred chromatograms would take) and offers an unambiguous numerical value for the match between two chromatograms.

MSChromSearch compares a chromatogram with a library of other chromatograms, similar to a library search using a mass spectrum library. The user can select between mass spectrum, retention time and/or intensity comparison. From the selected data a "fit value" is provided as a factor for the match between two chromatograms. Furthermore, chromatograms that were identified are listed as a hit list based on the fit value. MSChromSearch enables comparison of a chromatogram with several hundred chromatograms within a very short time.

In addition, two chromatograms from different data systems can be compared in detail in order to obtain information about interrelationships or deviations.

The software can be used in pyrolysis applications for identification of organic solids, for comparison of volatile components to determine the cause of a fire and in quality control for good/poor comparison of samples.

Our comparison tool offers a wide range of useful functions

  • New module for reading Agilent ChemStation files
  • New overlay module enables superposition of any number of chromatograms from different data systems
  • New "Chromatogram Match" module offers detailed comparison of two chromatograms and their spectrums and a NIST search option
  • Chromatogram search in subfolders
  • Online support
  • Mass spectrum import from NIST and other programs
  • Inclusion of LC/MS chromatograms
  • With MSChromSearch 4.0 retention indices can now be used for comparison

Please contact us for a web presentation or a demo version of this unique software solution.

MSChromSearch chromatogram match

MSChromSearch match matrix

MSChromSearch library search