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Laboratory courses with Avans+

Axel Semrau® develops complete workstations in which sample preparation and analysis are one. These are high-quality analytical solutions that require knowledge and skills from their users. It is therefore not surprising that Avans+ improving professionals and Axel Semrau have found each other. Both companies have a brand independent approach. From 2019 onwards, Avans+ will organize English language courses and trainings at Axel Semrau in Sprockhövel and Breda.

Avans+ is one of the leading corporate development institutes in the Netherlands, a.o. for laboratory professionals. The "plus" in Avans+ stands for making a difference together with you, in order to distinguish yourself from others. With a plus behind your name you achieve more, is our belief.

When you work in an analytical chemistry laboratory, you produce large amounts of data every day, work with analytical equipment and hazardous substances. With the practical training courses of Avans+ in laboratory technology, you will learn more about analytical techniques, quality assurance and safety during laboratory work. This improves your insight and allows you to respond adequately to unexpected situations. It also increases your confidence in doing things right in complex environments.

Avans+ Courses

For 2019 we offer the following training courses:

Avans+ 2019


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Automation of MCPD analysis ...

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Automation of FAME analysis ...


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