Odorization Control Equipment

The business division Gas Analysis and Odorization Control develops and produces a wide range of measuring devices for odorant control (H2S, TBM and other mercaptans, THT and other sulfides, COS) worldwide.

Odorization Control Equipment

New: ODOR easy

Stationary measuring instrument for the automated on-site control of the odorant concentration

ODOR handy plus

Simple hand-held measuring instrument for the fast and easy measurement of THT or mercaptans

ODOR on-line

Gas chromatograph to detect sulfur components and to measure odorant levels

New Video

Automation of MCPD analysis ...

... shown in 4 minutes!

Link to MCPD Video

New Video

Automation of FAME analysis ...


... shown in 4 minutes!

Link to FAME Video

Head of Division

Dipl.-Ing. Frank Sasse
+49 2339-1209-20


Norbert Bußmann
+49 2339-1209-23

Order Processing

Derya Baran
+49 2339-1209-49